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You’ve landed on the right spot. RankMango is not just an ordinary site…it’s a place to learn next-level SEO strategies to squeeze organic traffic from BIG search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

About Viraj Waim

Hello Buddy! Viraj Waim this side.
I’m a full-time blogger with decent experience in Search Engine Optimization.
My journey started as a Digital Marketer 3 years ago and one thing that grabs my most attention in overall Digital Marketing field is the term “SEO”.
Since then, I have consumed hundreds of resources, work with brands & implemented almost everything related to SEO.
The results?
Today, I know which SEO strategies actually work & which will drop your website organic rankings like a stone.

About RankMango

RankMango is a goldmine when it comes to getting insanely actionable SEO tips for FREE.
This is the exact website where I have shared all my knowledge and learnings at one place.
So, if you want to master the skill of Search Engine Optimization & defend your website from bad SEO practices then you are on the right path.
Here you will find no fluff SEO resources that will help you to get higher rankings on any Search Engine’s Result Page.
In short?
You’ll get all my advance SEO strategies, link building tips, checklists, case studies & many more to learn SEO fast.